Sub Umbra Floreo Chocolate

“Under the shade we thrive”

Sub Umbra Floreo Chocolate | “Under the shade we thrive”

We didn’t set out to make chocolate. Our plan all along was to export fine flavor cocoa beans sourced both from our farm and from small farmers in the Stann Creek district, bring a lot of science to cocoa genetics, cocoa growing and the fermentation process and export it to premium bean to bar makers in the US and Europe.

Well, we’re doing that, but along the way we set up a small lab to review the flavor and quality of our cocoa beans. Which led to us identifying and enhancing the incredible cocoa liquor, which with the help of our home grown cocoa team, led to amazing chocolate. We are still trying to understand the flavor nuances between say cocoa grown at Maya Mopan, and on our farm at Silk Grass, and between different varieties of cocoa, and using different fermentation techniques. And we’re going to be at it for years.

This led to our range of chocolate including dark, milk and coconut lines, with more to come when we can figure out the right amount of blood orange peel to add, or how much dried papaya is too much. Our 15g bar is plenty to enjoy with a rum after dinner, or as a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Incorporated in Belize’s national flag, Sub Umbra Floreo, or “Under the shade we thrive” epitomizes our dedication to protecting and showcasing Belize’s unique biodiversity and developing a workforce of artisans and craftsmen and craftswomen. In time we will start private farm tours where you can experience the chocolate making process from the field to your face without having to trek for hours in the jungle. Right now, Corridgeree is a working farm complete with trucks, dogs, powertools and pumps and no showroom, but soon we’ll let you behind the scenes…….

While you are in Belize, we encourage you to try other local chocolate makers, including Chris and Jo at who we met years ago at a cocoa conference in Trinidad and Tobago.